Este coach te dice las 6 cosas que debes hacer para adelgazar en 2 semanas

Si estas luchando para bajar de peso exitosamente, puede que te sea difícil encontrar en camino adecuado con todos los consejos y tips que que existen. Así que no te preocupes si te sientes un poco perdida para comenzar porque este coach te dice en 6 sencillos pasos cómo.

Carter Good, un coach con más de 400 mil seguidores en Instagram confesó su camino hacia el éxito, compartiendo seis estrategias para empezar a perder peso en dos semanas. Y sabe de lo que está hablando ya que él mismo perdió 140 libras.

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. Are you struggling to figure out how to get started? No matter what plan you follow, you can't seem to get the scale moving? ⠀ If so, I’ve got a challenge for you… ⠀ For the next TWO weeks, I want you to implement as many of these strategies as you can. ⠀ No cutting carbs 🍞, forgoing fat 🍳, slashing sugar 🍭… ⠀ Yes, it’s true that you need to eat fewer calories to lose weight. But if you go in with a long list of things you can’t or shouldn’t have anymore, it’ll only worsen your relationship with food. You’ll may end up resenting fitness and quit altogether. ⠀ So I encourage you to give this a go! Instead, work on ADDING these healthy habits into your day-to-day life 👇👇 ⠀ Instead of eliminating foods, ✅ start adding more low-calorie veggies and lean protein ⠀ Instead of eliminating all snacks, ✅ keep snacks to once per day, and make sure it’s a fruit or a protein source. ⠀ Instead of eliminating all liquid calories & sauces, ✅ start including more low/zero calorie alternatives. ⠀ With exercise, it’s a bit more difficult to give generic advice… ⠀ But(t🍑) something to always remember is this: ⠀ —> “a little too little beats a little too much” ⠀ Most people will go 0 to 100 with exercise… ⠀ And that’s because they assume ‘more’ is always ‘better.’ ⠀ If lifting 2-3 times per week is good, 6-7 times is better! If walking every day is good, running sprints every day is better! ⠀ Remember, you’re human 👱‍♂️ — not a robot 🤖 ⠀ Sure, crazy restriction with your diet and intense exercise might lead to a greater Calories OUT to Calories IN balance… but for how long? ⠀ A few days? Or a full week? A month, perhaps? ⠀ It’s really just a matter of time before you burn out and have to either reassess your plan or you just quit entirely… ⠀ So give this a try! —> For two weeks, keep thing straightforward with the short list of strategies I have in this graphic. ⠀ Best case scenario? It kickstarts your weight loss journey in a healthy, sustainable way. ⠀ Worst case scenario? It doesn’t work, and you’ve only wasted two weeks (which is nothing compared to how much time most people have lost on FAD diets). — ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀

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¡Sigue estos seis pasos para comenzar a adelgazar!

1- Incluye vegetales bajos en calorías en todas tus comidas

Algunos vegetales como el pepino, espinaca, rábano, champiñones, y célery son tan bajos en calorías que puedes comer una gran cantidad de estos alimentos sin que prácticamente entren en tu cuenta calórica significativamente. Además su contenido en fibra te mantendrá llena manteniendo bajo control tu hambre.

2- Incluye proteína magra en la mayoría de tus platos

Consumir pechuga de pollo sin piel, cortes de pavo, salmón, frijoles, tofu, quinoa y nueces te saciarán tu hambre y te ayudarán a construir masa muscular; por lo cual lucirás más tonificada.

. “Carter, how did you learn to stop overeating and eliminate cravings?” ⠀ That’s a question I’m often asked ☝️ ⠀ Many people think that because I lost weight, I’ve figured out the trick or hack for eliminating cravings and avoiding overeating… ⠀ Here’s the truth —> I still have cravings. ⠀ I still overeat too 🙊… ⠀ There are days where I have the best intentions to make a healthy dinner, but then find myself six slices deep in a meat lovers pizza with extra sauce… 🍕😛 ⠀ But here’s the difference… ⠀ Unlike the “old” me, I don’t let ONE bad meal or bad day turn into multiple meals, days, or weeks of overeating. ⠀ I’ve made healthy eating a habit, and I contribute it to a few main things… ⠀ 1. I remind myself that cravings are normal 💯🧠 ⠀ A lot of people think they’re weak or broken for having cravings… ⠀ Truth is, every single person has them. They’re wired into us biologically 🐒 ⠀ By reminding myself that I’m not “weak” for craving foods, it helps me stay in control of my sudden urge to scarf down that entire pizookie 🍪 (most of the time, anyway). ⠀ 2. I edu-macated myself☝️🤓 ⠀ The more I learned about nutrition (calories, macros, etc.), the more I realized there are no “good” or “bad” foods. ⠀ That, in turn, helped get rid of the all-or-nothing mindset I had with eating certain “bad” foods. ⠀ Before, I’d have a slice of 🍕, and because I was already being “bad,” I'd have to make it worth it. Now, in that same situation, I remind myself that I’m not being bad at all, and I don’t have to keep going or make it count. ⠀ I can stop after a few slices, or at the very least know that I'm going to be back on track the very next meal. ⠀ 3. I stayed patient ⏳ ⠀ I didn’t find a healthy balance overnight… ⠀ It took months and months of constant effort to improve my relationship with food. ⠀ And like I said from the start — I’m still not perfect. ⠀ I give in to cravings and overeating on a weekly basis! ⠀ But the good news is this: ⠀ We don’t have to be perfect (thank God 🙏) ⠀ We just need to do our best consistently and ALWAYS be willing to get back on track. No matter how far we think we've deviated, we can always get back on course 💪🍕❤️ —

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3- Limita las meriendas a solo una al día

Y no solo esto, también procura que sean frutas o proteína, ya que tenerlos como snacks nos aportará fibra y nutrientes valiosos; a la vez, la proteína nos ayudará a mantener nos saciadas por más tiempo. Solo no comas cada par de horas porque alguien te dijo que lo hicieras, si no tienes hambre, no es necesario que meriendes.

4- Sigue la regla de las bebidas y condimentos de cero calorías

O al menos asegúrate que su aporte calórico sea bajo. Los refrescos, jugos, cerveza y vino te pueden sumar cientos de calorías, así que lo mejor que puedes hacer es optar por agua simple o carbonatada, café negro y tés. También considera los condimentos, dips y aderezos que usas, cada cucharada o chorrito que utilices cuenta.

5- Camina más

Puedes bajarte una de esas aplicaciones que siguen tus pasos, y ponte como objetivo caminar de 8 a 12 pasos al día. Agrega más pasos caminando alrededor de la oficina mientras hablas por teléfono, yendo a pie a buscar tu almuerzo, y tomando una caminata luego de la cena.

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Oh hi 👋 how are you? ⠀ It’s your Instagram fitness friend, Carter. Coming at you live from @bakersfieldsn in Columbus, OH. ⠀ You see, it’s Tuesday… and Tuesday’s are a magical time of the week. ⠀ Reason being, it’s when the Taco Gods bless us with all-day happy hour margaritas and half-priced tacos 🍹🙏🌮 ⠀ Aka, #TacoTuesday… ⠀ I talk a lot about balance and moderation. But(t🍑) still, I see people thinking the foods they moderate are somehow “unhealthy”… ⠀ Sure, something like pizza may end up being more calorie-dense than a home cooked meal, but that doesn’t mean the pizza is automatically bad for you. ⠀ Many times when I order pizza, it’s from a shop that gives the option to use grilled meats, fresh veggies, and other high-quality ingredients. ⠀ So what’s “healthier?” ⠀ A pizza made with fresh ingredients or a homemade microwave meal of canned tuna, plain rice cakes, and steamed broccoli? 🤔 ⠀ There’s not a clear right or wrong answer, right? —> that’s the whole point! 🤓 ⠀ Here’s what I’m having for dinner: ⠀ • 1 grilled mahi-mahi taco • 1 grilled chicken taco • 1 short rib taco ⠀ Altogether, it comes out to ~750 calories and 40-50g of protein… ⠀ Am I “cheating?” Am I being “bad?” ⠀ Not in my mind 😏 ⠀ To me, this is a perfectly healthy meal that includes plenty of protein, some veggies, and a manageable number of calories. ⠀ Add to it that I’ve also had 2-3 servings of fruit and lots of water already, and I’d say I’m having a pretty balanced and healthy day of eating 👌 ⠀ The bottom line ✅: don't assume that just because you’re eating tacos or pizza or burgers that you're eating “bad foods”. ⠀ Sure, those foods may be higher in calories, and if you’re trying to lose weight, you’ll need to keep those in check. ⠀ But calories don’t determine the healthiness or unhealthiness of a food. That comes down to things like ingredients, quality, freshness, and how those foods actually make you feel! — ⠀ #cartergood #tacos #weightloss #healthy #healthydiet #healthyfood #healthymeal #healthyeats #healthyeating #eatinggood #diet #dieting #taco #tacos #tacosandtequila #nutritiousanddelicious #fitness #flexibledieting ⠀ ⠀

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6- Quítale el miedo a la pesas

Ponte como objetivo hacer entrenamiento de fuerza al menos 3 veces a la semana. Lo bueno es que estos ejercicios pueden ser cortos, pero asegúrate de que hagas movimientos que trabajen todas las partes del cuerpo, utiliza diferentes tipos de equipos como mancuernas, pesas rusas, ligas de resistencia, y barras.


Enfócate en integrar estos 6 tips en tu vida diaria y verás como comienzas a notar diferencias en tu cuerpo, en tu salud y en tu energía en tan solo dos semanas. No te preocupes por obsesionarte con los carbohidratos y las azúcares por ahora; si comienzas una dieta muy estricta e irreal, no podrás mantenerla en el tiempo y lo más probable es que se frustren tus objetivos.

Agregar hábitos saludables a tu vida funciona mejor que quitarte grupos alimenticios de tu dieta.

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