Carl Lentz: El pastor de Justin Bieber que tiene a MÁS de una enamorada por su sensual físico

La vida de Justin Bieber desde que incursionó en el mundo de la música siempre ha estado envuelta en polémicas y temas curiosos.

El más reciente es que la mayoría de su tiempo lo pasa junto a Carl Lentz, un hombre de 39 años, quien además ser gran amigo del canadiense, es su consejero espiritual y pastor de la iglesia Hillsong.

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Tanto es el cariño que le tiene que, incluso lo ve como un segundo padre. 

LOVE these two legends…and speaking of love…A wise man named Paul once said…"Love never gives up. Love cares more for others than for self. Love doesn’t want what it doesn’t have. Love doesn’t strut, doesn’t have a swelled head, doesn’t force itself on others, isn’t always “me first,” doesn’t fly off the handle, doesn’t keep score of the sins of others, doesn’t revel when others grovel, takes pleasure in the flowering of truth, puts up with anything, trusts God always, always looks for the best, never looks back, but keeps going to the end. Love never dies." If somebody says they "love you" but you don't SEE THESE THINGS? Gaurd your heart! If you have experienced love like this? Best thing you can ever do, is share it w/ as many people as you can… another wise man named Christopher Wallace said "spread love, it's the Brooklyn way.." May it be OUR way, day by day.. #occupyallstreets #aviatorsmountup #longerthetrafficlongerthecaption

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Sin embargo, lo que más ha llamado la atención de Carl en Internet, es su físico y sensualidad. Basta con ver sus imágenes en Instagram junto a Justin o solo para comprobarlo.

Excited to be speaking to our Kingdom Builders tonight @hillsongnyc… Some of the most consistent and faithful people I have ever been around! It takes many, to continue to promote the available grace of God, which is no respecter of persons. That's the tricky thing about life..We desperately want to classify people in our minds. The picture above, demonstrates this well. Because these individuals are "well known", immediately it will elicit reactions..mostly harsh, because it's easier/lazy to classify that which you can't fully understand, than to pursue depth and reasoning. Projecting insecurity and bad motives is a full time job for too many people..If they were not "well known"? Much more palatable for people! Why? Because we classify that as well and are not threatened by things that fit neatly into our ready made classification prism. My point? We can't dispense grace or love how WE WANT. We must as GOD SAYS! I for one, am grateful for that. Don't deserve an ounce of the ocean of grace God has given me…Somebody once told me "humility is the great mediator. It will always be the shortest distance between you and another human being." Should make it really easy for all of us who claim to follow Jesus, to show grace and love exactly how we were given it: freely and quickly, regardless of our SHARED, INHERENT "class". Sinners… grace?? It changes the story..Have a great Thursday! #occupyallstreets #weezyandbeezy #throwback #whatatimetobealive #idontwritebooks #justlongcaptions #feelsright

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Sus estilos a la hora de vestirse son similares, aman la música y entre los comentarios de las personas que lo conocen, dicen que Carl es sumamente adorable.

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Se la pasan casi siempre juntos y hasta ha posado sin camisa mientras caminan por la calle. ¿Así o más provocativo?

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Carl, está casado desde hace 14 años con una chica preciosa llamada Laura, su amor desde la escuela, con quien además tiene 3 hijos.

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En cuanto a la iglesia Hillsong, es distinguida de las demás por la música, teniendo reconocimiento a escala internacional. Tal vez por eso que Bieber hizo click inmediato con dicha comunidad. 

I break this instagram HIATUS to bring you #REALFRIENDFRIDAY …real friends are so rare, that I think people are missing out, simply cause they don't know what it looks like. So I'm dedicating Fridays on Insta, to talk about "real friends." Real friends can pass this test: -can you LEARN from them? You become like who you hang around. So find smart people, and force them to be your friend.. -can you LAUGH with them? If you are not laughing, you are losing. Find people who can laugh at you, and themselves, in equal parts, often.. -can you LEAN ON THEM? Sometimes you don't need advice. You don't need to laugh. You just "need to be." Find people who are cool, to be an armrest once in awhile… This post is dedicated to @chadveach .. in this photo he is "shouting me down" while I preach something I was apparently, passionate about! Thing is, it wouldn't matter WHAT I was saying. Chad would stand up for me, with me, regardless. Because that's what real friends do. Life is way to short, to do it by yourself. Real friends can be found! And when you find them? Keep them. If you have one, tag Em and let them know you love them! #occupyallstreets #chadiloveyou #soexcitedtopreachathillsongnyconsunday #itsbeentoolong #imayelltheentiretime #weareatthebeacontheatre #causewedontownabuildingandhavetogetinwherewefitin #seeyouthere

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Me parece realmente interesante pero, ¿un pastor puede ingerir bebidas alcohólicas? 

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Sin duda, ahora entiendo por qué ha estando mucho qué hablar durante las últimas semanas. Pero, de igual forma, no se puede negar que su amistad es muy importante para Justin.

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