“Tati Moon’s”: La chica que muestra cómo se verían estas 6 personajes animadas en la vida real

En Internet podemos encontrar tantos artistas que, en serio, se merecen un premio por su talento.

En esta oportunidad, te presentaré el que realiza Tatiana, una chica, quien con tan solo 19 años de edad, se define como una artista digital autodidacta que lleva a la vida real a varias de nuestras personajes animadas favoritas en series o películas.

Mejor conocida como “Tati Moon’s”, desde hace dos años en Instagram comparte los resultados de su arte, como por ejemplo este, de la hermosa Princesa Elsa de “Frozen”.

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Me encantan todas sus publicaciones porque son tan reales. Mira esta de la Princesa Aurora.

O de “Boo”, la pequeña de “Monsters, Inc.”. ¡Ternura extrema!

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Aprovechando la moda de “Los Increíbles”, ¿verdad que Violeta es una belleza?

Here is my version of a grown up Violet from The Incredibles! shoutout to her bc she is the reason I wanted to be a emo when I was like 6 🐣 HD images, process and more on my patreon page 🐣 ____ tools: paint tool sai + photoshop cs6 + wacom intuos art. took around 15 hours. ____ And about the art, I kept her dark cool style I think and I wanted to add her some tattoos but wasn't sure which ones so I finally forgot 🤦🏻‍♀️ and about the t shirt welllll when I started looking for references of her, I was only founding that 'he looked at me' gif that is fucking viral and it's ok but now I wanted her to be like an independent woman so yeah that's why the t shirt. And ups since her breast are not as big as my Boo one, I guess there will be no males offended because 'shE IssS sHowiNg LikkEEe A LooOot aNd LOoOk LikkE a hOoe' 😧 sorry my girls if you have to listen to that shit, I wanted to say I love u all 💕 face tatts inspired by @toopoor I love her sm 😢 I will paint her and some more girls that inspire me soon! edit: for the ppl who asked about the bad comments of the Boo painting, there were in a fanpage acc, not in my instagram acc. there are still some left but mostly were deleted by the ppl who wrote them

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Amé demasiado a “Blancanieves”.

| Snowhite fanart! 🍎 Which disney princess should I do next? 🤔 🌸 prints available, link in bio 🌸 A little bit about the art: I was planning painting a Disney Princesses serie (I already have a Little Mermaid) but even I did not want to do it yet, yesterday I found a photo by the photographer Anastasia Galaktionova which inspired me. Since I like to do a grown up version of the character, I think if Disney girls were human nowadays, they would fight for women rights and try to stop injustices like the ones they have lived. In this case, 'not your fucking housemaid' refers to the dwarfs. So I will try to paint them in a feminist way 💪🏻 I really hope you like as much as I do! _____ done in paint tool sai w custom brushes and photoshop cs6 and my intuos pen tablet. took 8 hours without stopping

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Y ni hablar de mi querida “Sabrina, la bruja adolescente” junto a su amigo Salem.

| Sabrina fanart 👧🏼😼🔮 Finished version of my painting! 🌸 prints available, link in bio 🌸 Not my fav one, I have to get better omg, and even I like the cat I think he doesn't fit but I am so lazy 🤷🏻‍♀️ as always, I accept suggestions bc I don't know which cartoon character draw next, I like them all 😭 ps I do not really want to answer comments like 'they don't look the same hahasjwiqixd' go to my previous posts and read 🔪🔪🔪 ps2: I found the tattoos design inspiration on tumblr, if you recognize them and know the artist please let me know because I couldn't :(( _____ done in paint tool sai w custom brushes and photoshop cs6 and my intuos pen tablet. took 7 hours mabye? idk tbh sorry

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